eurhope Wohltätigkeitsinitiative e.V is a charity initiative organised and managed by staff of the ECB. Membership is open to all persons who share eurhope’s mission to support people in need. The objective is to undertake fund-raising for humanitarian causes and help in the case of natural disasters. By doing so, eurhope also raises awareness about these issues. The Initiative is a non-profit association registered under German law.

 eurhope was founded in 2008 and was created starting from the great funding support given by ECB colleagues for the project in 2003 for victims of the Tsunami and the earthquake in Pakistan 2005. The idea was born to set up a charity initiative at the ECB to act as a catalyst of the several goodwill energies within the house. The main target was to help by raising money for specific projects and one-off disaster appeals.

Since then, eurhope has been continuously growing and colleagues across all ECB business areas, as well as colleagues and friends outside the ECB, are involved as part of the board, as members or by contributing through donations and voluntary work. Projects are proposed and selected by vote by its members each year, while the persons proposing each project become the main contact for the respective initiative.

 Read more about the purpose of eurhope in the statute.

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